Check your ankles!

We are born to walk.  James Earls wrote a helpful text that thoroughly covers how to assess and analyze this most basic yet often undervalued movement.  Check out “Born to Walk” if you are interested.  Although I love walking, this blog post focusses on another favourite sport of many that also starts from the feet.  … More Check your ankles!

A closer look at plank.

Plank is a great exercise to build shoulder, core and low back stability.  Our bodies move as co-ordinated, communicating beings, not individual segments that act independently.  Therefore the practice of plank, which is typically seen as a core-strength exercise, can be more widely understood as an exercise that co-ordinates, fine-tunes and stabilizes the relationship between … More A closer look at plank.

Website coming soon!

I’m currently busy treating patients and learning about the world of websites, blogging, tags, gravatars and widgets.  My own excitement is building as I gather information and ideas.  This site will serve as a resource for patients and colleagues, and a source of inspiration for anyone wanting to move and feel better.  Stay tuned!