Update to my patients and friends regarding covid-19

On March 18, I temporarily closed my practice doors due to the covid-19 pandemic, that was 5 weeks ago.  Heartfelt virtual hugs to those of you who have lost loved ones or have fallen ill during this time.  The past few months have been unusual and challenging, and my hope is that we can observe ourselves and each other through a compassionate lens.

Like you, I have many unanswered questions regarding the loosening of restrictions that our province enforced in order to control the spread and impact of this virus. I have been following reports from our health region, the province and the federal government, and although BC has not experienced an outbreak to the degree that places like Bergamo, Italy or Wuhan, China have, we are still being asked to remain physically distant. 

Dr. Bonnie Henry reported last week that the slowdown of transmission is due to public health action, not herd immunity.  Therefore our next steps will require effort and changes on behalf of all of us.  I don’t know exactly when I will be able to open my practice again but I do know that when the time comes there will be measures in place to ensure that your health and safety is my number one priority.  At this time, with some guidance from our regulatory body (CMTBC), I am blocking off my calendar through to the end of May.  If you are interested in reading the notices that are sent to all RMTs, they can be found on the CMTBC website https://www.cmtbc.ca/about-cmtbc/covid-19-information-for-registrants/#question.

So at least until the end of May, I will not be able to do my work as a manual therapist.  Which brings me to my question at the top of this message…How are you doing?  What would you like to see from me in terms of content that can help you move with more ease?  As a reminder, my background is in human anatomy and good movement.  I take an evidence-informed approach to rehabilitation of injuries and a well-rounded, mindful approach to daily movement and exercise.  I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and I have 15 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, studied in the areas of managing pain, retraining movment patterns, as well as fascial, nerve and visceral manipulation.  I also love to ride bikes and garden (grow tomatoes grow!) but I can’t promise I can help you grow vegetables.  

Please feel free to send questions my way!

Online booking will be available for the month of June with a caveat that appointments may be cancelled due to covid 19.

Keep moving and be well!

2 thoughts on “Update to my patients and friends regarding covid-19

  1. Hi Alison!

    Hope you are well and baking lots of sourdough! I sure do miss you and our sessions!

    Just wondering if you have any advice re: an online yoga session I could try that would be a good fit for me. I’ve never tried yoga so would need something very beginner.

    Thanks and my shoulder and neck can’t wait until you re-open! :). Patty

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hi Patty! Thank you for your kind comments. I am well and looking forward to getting back to our manual therapy sessions also! I’ll send you a private message regarding online yoga classes. I am dipping my toes in to those waters and am happy to let you know what I have to offer.


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