Your Health Matters

Dear clients and friends

As of today, March 16 2020, we are living in an environment where the concern for public health has heightened, in light of the emergence of COVID-19.

I am here for you and I feel the responsibility that comes with my profession to stay informed and take precautions where necessary.  I am monitoring reports from our health officials and other reputable sources and I have communicated with my colleague and clinic owner, Sherri, to learn about and discuss what actions we need to take in order to best care for you.

BC’s Chief Medical Health Officer stated this morning that healthy individuals should keep their regular healthcare appointments.  At my clinic, Resilience for Life, we honour our name and are taking precautions to stay resilient and help you navigate these times with as much ease in your body as possible.  We will continue to offer the manual therapy that you need and we are continuing to follow exceptional cleaning and hand washing protocols and increasing our diligence around sanitizing surfaces, treatment equipment, door handles and washrooms.

For more information, reputable resources include:

I hope you are all healthy and able to nourish your body, mind and soul in order to keep your immune system operating normally.  My clinic is a place for you to reset, recharge and learn about healthy movement. If you are experiencing flu symptoms, please stay home and take the time you need to heal.  Otherwise, I will see you for your regular appointments and I look forward to helping you facilitate ease in your body.

I will be updating as needed and continuing to monitor recommendations from our healthcare experts.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

In health and good movement,

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