Shoulder stability for rock climbers

Looks like the weather is drying up a bit and the sun may shine enough to dry the beautiful granite we are so fortunate to be surrounded by.  It’s outdoor climbing season!

Whether or not you are climbing indoors or outdoors, shoulder stability is something to work on once you start adding mileage and difficulty.  The article link below brings up a number of excellent considerations for rock climbers (#3 applies to everyone!):
1. “Hanging loose” while climbing can actually be detrimental if the bones of your arm, shoulder blade and spine aren’t positioned optimally,
2. You can train your shoulders to rest more efficiently during a climb, and
3. The ideal position for your shoulders is achieved by externally rotating your arm bones, sliding your scapulae back and down slightly and keeping a neutral spine.

I encourage you to try the exercise mentioned at the end of the article (steps A-F). If you attempt these exercises and cannot move your arms or shoulders without discomfort, consider seeking an assessment and treatment from a trained therapist.

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