“I met Alison in the spring of 2013 when trying to recover from a running injury (2 sprained ankles and a broken bone just above the ankle in my left leg). My plan was to try and start running again after getting the all clear from my GP. 

Prior to working with her, I had used orthotics to relieve chronic pain on one side of my body. I had been using custom orthotics for more than 15 years at the suggestion of various physiotherapists, including two who were the prime physiotherapists for two different Canadian Olympic teams. Despite the orthotics, the chronic pain continued. Alison treated my whole body, recognizing that the pain originated in the misalignment of my upper back, caused by a fall in 1997, that was pulling my one hip around and up. Hence the chronic pain. She was able to use her skills as a massage therapist to realign my back, hips and leg, so that the pain disappeared for months at a time and I was able to run without orthotics for the last 9 and half years. Since working with Alison, I have achieved my lifetime PB times for 5 k, a 10 k and a half marathon distances. The 5 k time was in June 2022 at the age of 66.

Being clumsy, Alison has helped me heal from a variety of injuries over the years in addition to the one mentioned above. 

In summary, being one of her clients has allowed me to stay active as I have aged. I think that is the key to my good health. 

I wish Alison all the best in her new practice, but she will be greatly missed by her clients on the coast.” — Lindsey M

“After trying so many RMTs, it wasn’t until I found Alison that I truly experienced how healing and helpful massage can be. Alison has such a deep understanding of the human body and was able to help resolve some of my most persistent sport-specific and basic movement issues. I can’t recommend Alison highly enough.” — Masa T.

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“Alison is a fantastic massage therapist. She takes the time to work deeply in the area(s) of concern(s) with care and technique. She thinks about the mechanics of the body and alleviates tensions in a durable way. I highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed!” — Pascale R.

“Alison has been a part of my essential health care treatment for several years.  She is passionate about her profession and an avid learner.  In session she is a keen listener and an advanced diagnostician, skills surpassed only by her direct manual treatment skills.  I have benefitted greatly from her direct treatments in session as well as from her guidance for what to work on out of session.” — Sheila Patton MD FRCPC

“Alison is absolutely amazing at her job! She genuinely cares for her patients and is very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. I have been going to see Alison for several years. She has helped me with sciatic pain, back pain, as well a monthly stiffness/ maintenance. She gives helpful exercises, posture tips and other informative body/ mind understanding. She is also a wonderful yoga instructor. I highly recommend Alison.” — Dorota Szelagowicz 

“Of the many massage therapists that I have tried I have liked working with Alison best.
Her knowledge of the body and her strong but gentle touch are very helpful with the things that plague me. And on top of that she is such a nice person!” — Dr. Alina Wydra, Psychologist

“Alison is a warm and gentle practitioner, who creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients. She is deeply knowledgeable in her field and her way of being combined with her knowledge really supported my body in its healing process” — K. Grabner

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